The ‘MusicaLanguage' series

Interactive musical fun to enhance Speech, Language Literacy and Musical skills in the early years.

Ideal for use at home and in Early Years settings, Early Primary general and music classrooms, Speech Pathology and Early Intervention programmes.

This unique series was created by Hilary Henshaw in collaboration with
Dr. Beverly Joffe, lecturer and leader in paediatric speech and language pathology at La Trobe University, honorary speech pathologist at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne and coordinator of the specialist music and movement communication programs within the La Trobe University Communication Clinic.

The three titles in this brand new series each consist of a double CD pack (including an instrumental only CD, enabling you to adapt each activity to suit your child/ren's needs and interests) and a book which includes music and words, clear and concise instructions about how to use and extend each activity and detailed notes about specific learning outcomes.



Songs, dances, play-alongs, games and stories to develop clear articulation, self-expression, listening, emergent literacy and musical skills.
Tracks for MusicaLanguage One
  1. Louie and Lilah
  2. Five Ferrets
  3. Ferret Conversation
  4. Theo and Thelma
  5. Elephant Walk
  6. Copy Me
  7. Simple Sounds Sog
  8. My Mouth
  9. Tongue Fun
  10. Blowing Bubbles
  11. Blow a Kiss
  12. Honey the Bear
  13. Crossing the Road
  14. Listening Song
  15. Three Bears
  16. I'm Feelig Shy
  17. Shopping
  18. Hoe to Mummy
  19. Riding in a Car
  20. Zoe and Zac's Picnic
  21. Zoe and Zac's Bedtime
  22. Time to Stop
More dynamic, entertaining activities to develop vocabulary, grammar, communication, listening and musical skills.
Tracks for MusicaLanguage Two
  1. If You Have Two Feet, Then Stamp The Beat
  2. Curious Song
  3. Rowing in a Race
  4. Grandpa's Glasses
  5. Helping Grandpa
  6. Playing Ball
  7. Surprise Sandwick
  8. Practice makes Progress
  9. Opposites
  10. I Like Toast
  11. Your Special Voice
  12. Friendly Hands
  13. Put This There
  14. Rainbow Sounds
  15. Short Long Song
  16. Happy Harry
  17. Greeting Friends
  18. Wake Up!
  19. Marching Band Name Game

A unique collection to develop phonological awareness, alphabet skills, listening, emergent literacy and music appreciation. Including the delightful ‘MusicAlphabet Family', a fun way to learn about the sounds of the alphabet and beautiful classical music excerpts at the same time!

Tracks for MusicaLanguage Three
  1. Introducing the MusicAlphabet Family
  2. MusicAlphabet Family: A-C (Music: Morning – Grieg)
  3. MusicAlphabet Family: D-G (Music: Romanze – Beethoven)
  4. MusicAlphabet Family: H-K (Music: Funeral March of a Marionette – Gounod)
  5. MusicAlphabet Family: L-O (Music: Slumber Song – Schumann)
  6. MusicAlphabet Family: P-S (Music: A Wandering Minstrel – Gilbert & Sullivan)
  7. MusicAlphabet Family: T-W (Music: Wiegenlied – Mozart)
  8. MusicAlphabet Family: X-Z (Music: On Wings of Song – Mendelssohn)
  9. The Alphabet Rap Game
  10. The Sensational Sounds Game Show brought to you by the letter ‘R'
  11. Homonyms… How Absurd!
  12. Three Year Old's Apple
  13. The Sensational Sounds Game Show brought to you by the letter ‘G'
  14. Driving Round Australia