"All About Music" Posters

Set of 4… practical and pretty! Create a happy, harmonious
environment with these unique, laminated A3 posters.
For Children

For Teachers

For Parents

An appealing, visual way to learn
about musical concepts and fun

A simple and effective
time-saving planning tool

An attractive reminder of the
importance and value of music


All About Music 1
Living with Music
….Join in and enjoy
HOW to enjoy music in different ways
All About Music 2
Learning with Music
…food for the Brain
HOW music develops many important skills
All About Music 3
Playing with Music
….the building blocks
WHICH musical concepts to teach
All About Music 4
Growing with Music 
….food for the soul
WHY music is a vital part of children's development
"Growing With Music" Finger Puppets
for the very popular "Honey the Bear" Stories

Set of four stories… Exquisite and Educational!

Includes printed sheet of all stories. Each story in its own pouch.
These special puppets are only available for a limited time.



Develops language, imagination, creativity, confidence  
and fine motor skills. Children dramatize the stories,
then create their own.

Caters for many learning styles - visual, auditory,
kinaesthetic and interactive.

Complete set includes twenty individually designed,
hand-made puppets. A delightful assortment of
bears, animals and people.

Ideal for many traditional stories and songs too:
The Three Bears, Old MacDonald, Jack and Jill,
Where is Thumbkin and more!
Honey the Bear Gets Lost

From "Music + Hilary = Fun!"
Growing With Music 1
Honey the Bear Goes Shopping

From "Kidsmusik"
Growing With Music 2
Honey the Bear  
at Grandma's Birthday

From "Super Me!"
Growing With Music 5
Honey the Bear's
Christmas Party

From "Kids Christmas Music"
Growing With Music 7