The seven recordings in the very popular "Growing With Music" original series each provide sixty fun-filled minutes of activities accompanied by books of words, aims and ideas for more fun with each track!

These recordings are ideal for use in pre-schools, early primary
classrooms, child-care, at home and in the car.

Growing with Music 1
Music + Hilary = Fun!
2 years to early primary

Songs, dances, play-alongs, games and stories
to enhance co-ordination, language, listening,
creativity and musical skills - Track Titles

Growing with Music 2
2 years to early primary

More fun-filled, interactive activities to entertain,
involve and teach through the medium they love -
music! - Track Titles

Growing with Music 3
It's Party Time!
3 years and up

Make party giving a pain-free experience. This
lively mix of original and traditional games,
songs and dances (including socialization games)
will make your special party the best ever! Will
also brighten up any gathering at playgroup,
preschool or school - Track Titles

Growing with Music 4 
3 years and up

As well as making car trips with the family a breeze,
this catchy collection of songs, games, stories and
quizzes develops language, vocabulary, memory,
imagination, musical and observational skills - anytime! - Track Titles

Growing with Music 5 
Super Me!
3 years to Middle Primary
This unique selection builds self-esteem and confidence!
Themes of My Body, My Feelings, My Family and My
Friends encourage children to feel good about themselves
and their world - Track Titles
Growing with Music 6
Seasons and Celebrations
3 years to Middle Primary

Celebrate the seasons, holidays and special days with  
singing, dancing, playing and stories. Enjoy Christmas,
Easter, Mother's (& other's) Day, multicultural and
child centered celebrations. Activities and songs are
designed for you to adapt to suit your celebration
and situation! - Track Titles

Growing with Music 7 
Kids CHRISTMAS music
3 years and up

Christmas material that is like a breath of fresh air!
Easily memorized words and simple (but catchy)
tunes make it easy for young and old to get into
"holiday season" mode. End of Year concert problems
solved (backtracks included) and many activities
adaptable for fun and learning all year! - Track Titles