Read how delighted people are with Hilary's speaking presentations, professional development workshops, her work in Singapore and Growing With Music Resources.

Speaking Presentations

"...Your keynote presentation and closing session were fantastic. The audience loved you and enthusiastically got involved with everything you suggested. Thank you so much for your contribution."
Jenny Fink, "Walking on Words" Literacy Conference, Victoria

"...It was a real pleasure to hear you at "Hot Milk". Your speech is one of my highlights of the entire conference. Thank you for sharing some of yourself and inspiring me to share music more with my children."
(Participant) Australian Breastfeeding Association National Conference, Melbourne

"...Hilary has the knack of combining the artistic with the educational…the heart with the brain… it's as natural as language and before you know it, you know it!... Hilary's ability is not only in teaching, but also in devising both original material and programs for this age group, has made her one of the most sought-after presenters in this country… Leaves them asking for more…"
Jeffrey Leask, creator of "Upbeat" and "Sounds" Music-Arts Education Programs

Professional Development Workshops

"Wonderful…. Simple, straightforward, very effective; A very
professional and entertaining inservice… also very inspiring;
Rich in learning skills; Entertaining as well as informative… a
vibrant presenter."
Victorian Primary School Workshop

"I have just attended the most fantastic inservice… this lady
not only rejuvenated the group, but sent us home with a head
full of ideas, songs and activities. Her enthusiasm is contagious
as is her love of music and exciting presentation. I would love to
attend more…"
Early Childhood Conference - Mildura

"The best… fabulous!; Wonderful, really enlivening, encouraging
and fun; Hilary demonstrated her passion for music with her
energy and enthusiasm, highlighted the links between music
and language and emphasized the way music could develop
patterns for mathematics."

Loddon Campaspe Malle Regional
Early Years of Schooling Conference

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in your workshop… I
picked up so many ideas and I just love your songs. I know
many of my "unmusical" colleagues were just rapt in your
workshop. The Hamilton district will be a much more musical

Pre-school Teacher

"Hilary captivated her audience and inspired them with her
message. More than that they could then teach their offspring
using the methods and materials she demonstrated. "

Workshop for parents - ACT

And from Singapore…

"The best workshop for the year… an eye-opener!"
Primary Teacher

"Very rich and enlightening experience. Your presentation has
been an inspiration to me. Would recommend this to all preschool
Kindergarten Principal

"Finally, music I can use in classrooms. Every part was of value…
style was comfortable and personal, I had a lovely and fun day!"
Special Education Teacher

Growing with Music

"Hilary's music reflects a strong understanding of how young children grow and develop, and of their interests. She uses music in wonderfully creative and exciting ways that ensure that as children enjoy themselves, they also learn. The simplicity of Hilary's music is in its charm… Hilary has produced an original wonderland that invites participation, is relevant, memorable and fun".
Kay Margetts, Lecturer in Child Development and Special Needs at Melbourne University, Victoria, Australia

"Hilary knows a great deal about what Children like to hear! My
2 year old clapped and bounced. The 6 year old was able to
easily pick up the tunes and was keen to participate in the "fill-
in-the-gap" segments with his own version. The 8 year old loved
the lot and sang the lot and remembered words and songs for
the rest of the day".
Liz Porter, Occupational Therapist

"Our experience with your recordings has shown that the more
often we listen, the more we can ALL join in and enjoy. You
have provided us all with hours of pleasure. Thank you".
Dr Jane Bywater, mother of two primary school age children

"CDs have been sensational - the kids love it… they just lap it
Music teacher of 4-8 year olds

"I taught in remote Aboriginal Communities and used your
music to teach English. It was wonderful - the children loved it!"
Pre-school Teacher

"On Mother's Day the mums and children were sitting in a circle
looking at each other while the children sang - it was just magic!
Your song did that!"

Preschool Director

"I love your music and the children love it. It is very simple and
teacher-friendly, but I can extend it when I feel more confident.
It is lovely to have a recording I can slot in and know it will be
appropriate. You obviously understand this age group really well..."

Preschool Director

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